Lease Plans

Lease Plans

What is a lease plan?

A lease plan is an accurate scaled drawing showing the exact area included in the lease, along with where the area / building sits in context with the surrounding area. Various demise types such as let space, communal space etc are demarked by a coloured boundary. It is created using CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) software.

Why do I need one?

In 2002 and 2003 new rules were introduced by the Land Registry. The Land Registration Rules 2003 states that any new lease lasting seven years or longer must be registered with the Land Registry and have a compliant lease plan.

If you are selling your property with a new lease, or if are increasing the length of your lease, or if you are extending the demise of your property (extensions etc) then you will need a new Lease plan. You may also need a lease plan if you are selling your property and the existing lease plan does not comply to the new Land Registry regulations.

How much do they cost and why should I choose your company?

Our lease plans start at £195 + vat and increase according to size and complexity of build. We have years of experience of site visiting and measuring accurately according to RICS standards. We will work closely with your solicitor to ensure that the lease plans include correctly coloured demise lines showing property boundaries, communal areas and any rights of way as referred to in the lease. We offer a 100% guarantee that your lease plans will be land registry compliant otherwise we will not charge for the service.

How quickly can I get one?

Our turnaround times are generally 3 working days from site visit however if your project is urgent we can, and often do, accommodate a quicker return time.

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