If you are a tenant or letting agent, an estate agent or a landlord renting a property we can provide you with a detailed report showing the condition and the contents (if furnished) of the property.

With the introduction of the Tenancy Deposit Protection legislation in April 2007, a Landlord is not permitted to take compensation from their Tenant’s deposit without proof of the condition of the property at the start of the tenancy. So whilst it is not a statutory requirement, the inventory will form part of the contract between the tenant and landlord, and is an essential document when it comes to deposit disputes.

What will the inventory cover?

An inventory should be completed before each new tenant and after each tenant. The inventory will include photos of any damage and in addition the inventory clerk will record a description of what they see in relation to the condition and contents of the property. We can provide you with an inventory service, tailored to suit your individual needs.

We provide four types of inventory service:

  • Full inventory
  • Check in
  • Check out
  • Interim

The  full document will consist of approximately 50 to 100 pages depending on the size of property and will contain information and images with regards to decor, fixtures and fittings, furniture (where applicable).  It will also note the condition of these items and contain 80+ photographs of the property and items within.

Using our inspecting experience and feedback from our clients our inventory documents have been carefully developed over the years..  We have chosen to provide a level of detail which offers the landlord and the tenant excellent protection, providing a document that can be relied upon as evidence should a dispute go to court. Of course the point of the document is to avoid this happening in the first place and to provide an answer to any disputes that may arise on tenant checkout.

Ideally an inventory is followed by a check out at the end of the tenancy and this document will make a direct comparison to the report at the start of the tenancy.

How much do they cost and why should I choose your company?

Not all inventories are the same and typically you get what you pay for. Our inventory reports start at £80 + vat but this may increase if it is a large property and furnished. We offer a professional, friendly and fast service and clients are assured of high quality reports.

How quickly can I get one?

Our turnaround target is to site visit within 24 hours and to return the report within 48 hours. If your report is urgent we often accommodate a quicker return.

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