EPC (Commercial)

EPC (Commercial)

What is a Commercial EPC?

A commercial EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) is a document produced using SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model) software. The document is mandatory on all properties for sale or for rent or where a building is being developed and or a change of use is occurring. The certificate contains a graph showing how efficient the building is and recommendations as to how the energy efficiency can be improved. It also shows what energy costs could consequently be saved.

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Who carries out the inspection?

The inspection is carried out by an in house qualified energy assessor. All our assessors are fully qualified, are accredited and accountable to outside regulation. They also have many years of experience and a strong audit record in getting it right first time.

What is the process?

The assessor will need to site visit and assess the buildings geometry, construction, HVAC, lighting and glazing. He or she will need to take many measurements for heat loss calculations and photos as evidence for accreditation purposes. Following site visit the information will then be entered onto the SBEM software to create a database of the building, numerous calculations will be entered and the report will be run. Recommendations are then made by the assessor as to how the building can improve its efficiency.

How much do they cost and why should I choose your company?

Our EPC prices are competitively set and will vary according to size and complexity of build and HVAC system. We are experienced in working with building owners, developers, services consultants and building contractors and capable of taking on property portfolios. We are fully accredited and offer a professional, friendly and fast service. Our clients are assured of high quality reports and they return to us time and time again. Some of our service testimonials can be seen here.

How quickly can I get one?

Our turnaround time is to return the certificate by email within 5 working days of site visit, however if your report is urgent we can and often do accommodate a quicker return time.

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